Founder's letter

Gluglis was conceived from creativity, it was an idea promoted by freedom and the free flow of thought. Gluglis was thought as a flexible and evolutionary idea that bases its foundations on innovation and authenticity. This idea was born from love and infinite spontaneous creation that characterizes the human being.

It is important that anyone who wants to have any kind of rapprochement with Gluglis understands that its reason to be, firstly is not economic profitability, also that it is not a static idea and that we have the vision to continually evolve in a creative and fun way.

Gluglis's mission is to connect passionate people to travel around the planet; promote and strengthen relations between locals and travelers in the world, to share their passion for discovering new places, guiding and letting themselves be guided in order to have authentic, captivating and satisfying journey experiences.

In Gluglis we strongly believe that local people who lead others in their own cities will offer more captivating experiences for travelers that any company offering these services seeking for profitability.

Gluglis is an innovative idea like no other from its creative bassis to offer a service, to its simple and free platform. This company is just a seed that will transcend to a much bigger idea and evolve as an indispensable tool for the common traveler.

Atmim Less